Sora is my name, music, writing, drawing and filming my passions.
Eternal seeker of the beat of life, irremediable cheerness, rock is my way and happyness my target. Español·English·Française·日本語



good morning,
eh? you are still sleepy? 
No you can’t, we will be late again.
hm? 5 more mins?
not that again… 
you said that and fell asleep yesterday and the day before.
its no use making those sounds, its not gonna work today.
here, hurry up and change your clothes. 
lets go together.

*then here’s when Makoto gets tired of your sh!t after you refuse to get up from bed for the 1000th time*

  • Track: Wanna know what happens when you refuse to listen to Makoto when he told you to get up?
  • Artist: Well no more mister nice guy (well he'll go back after 5 seconds)
  • Album: just listen to the orca, kay?
  • Plays: 76200